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 Take a look to know about yourself

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مُساهمةموضوع: Take a look to know about yourself   الأحد 3 أغسطس 2008 - 22:19

InstructionsThis is A personality Quiz that you have to answer in order to find which category best describes you
The personality Quiz
1when you work on a big project,do you
A.try to finish it as quickly as possible at it over a long period of time
C.put it off as long as possible

2When you do something,do you
A.try to do a first-cl*** job so people will notice it as well as you can without worrying too much about it only what you must to get it done

3When faced with a difficult challenge,do you
A.look forword to facing it
B.worry about whether you can deal with it
C.try to avoid it

4Do you think the best way to get the most out of a day is to as many things as possible
B.take your time to get things done only thinge you really have to

5When something needs to be done,do you
A.decide to do it yourself with others to get it done
C.offer to do it if only no one else will

6When something doesn't work out the way you want it,do you
A.get angry with yourself and others
B.think calmly about what to do next
C.give up because it wasn't important anyway

7When people take a long time to get something done,do you
A.get impatient and take over
B.gently encourage them to get it done
C.let themtake their time

8If you compare your goals with your friends'goals,do you
A.set out to do much better than they might
B.hope that you and they can achieve similar things in life
C.not care if they set higher goals for themselves than you do

9When people are late for appointements,do you
A.get angry and stressed out
B.remember that you are sometimes late ,too
C.not worry,because you are usually late,too

10When people are talking to you,do you
A.not listen and think about other things
B.listen and enter into the conversation
C.let them take over and agree with everything they say

11When people are expressing their ideas and opinions,do you
A.step in and give your own opinions
B.listen and sometimes share your own ideas
C.listen but not add your own opinions

Count how many A,B and C answers if there are
More A answers: this person is superachiever
More B answers: this person is the cool and steady type
More C answers: this person is the easygoing or carfree type

so what kind are you !every one type his kind !!
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Take a look to know about yourself
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