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 challange me if you think you are clever

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مُساهمةموضوع: challange me if you think you are clever   الثلاثاء 5 أغسطس 2008 - 8:07

Answer these Questions if you think you are clever

1What did thomas Edison envent in 1879?[ was it the television,or the lightbulb
2In which year did Mexico gain its independence?was it in 1721,1821,or192
3Where were the 1992 Olympics held?Were they in los angles,Barcelona,or tokyo
4When did world war 1 take place?Was it from 1898to1903,from1911to1915 ,or from 1914to1918
5Who was the first human in space?Was it Yuri Gagarin,Alan Shepard,or John Glenn
6Was Cleopatra the Queen of?Eygypt,rome or Greece
7In which centry did the compose Mosart live?Was it the seventeenth,eighteenth,or the nineteenth centry
8Who discovered Penicillin?[Was it Alexander fleming,Marie Curie,or Albert Einstein
9Was the theory of relativity created by? Albert Einstein,Charles darwin,or issac Newton
10What was the first living thing in spaceWas it a dog,a monkey,or a mouse]
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challange me if you think you are clever
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